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A winning solution for the success of our students

Everyday the education sector is stepping up efforts to provide quality education to its students. Budget and lab/workshops setting issues represent major challenges for the school community.

In order to solve these important issues, Proteus is finally making its interactive platform available to schools. Virtual reality helps preserve the quality of teaching and accessibility of knowledge while reducing costs in unimaginable ways.


In addition to custom labs and workshops, Proteus will soon be offering a full range of chemistry, physics and technology science labs.


We work with a team of educational consultants who ensure the quality of our interactive laboratories and the respect of the requirements of the study programs.


No need for computers or heavy equipment, the Oculus Quest is the UNIQUE accessory you need. To interact with the environment, finger tracking  or controllers can be used depending on the setting.


Our platform integrates analytics and multi-person system allowing the teacher to interact with the student in the virtual world and to receive lab and workshop results.