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Proteus reinvents corporate training 


Continuing education and training of new employees represents a substantial financial investment, but necessary for companies. Thanks to its interactive platform, Proteus completely changes the game.
Virtual reality has been in use for many years, but thanks to its laboratory research and recent technological innovations, Proteus is reinventing corporate training.


We reproduce the work context to minimize the gap between the virtual exercise and reality. We can even create a multi-people environment for coaching or teamwork practice.


It will be easy to measure the success rate of your employees with our metrics evaluation system and the advances in artificial intelligence of Proteus Lab. In addition, for better integration, our platform can integrate with your computer system.


Whether directly with your hands or with the handles of the device, the manipulation of objects, machines and tools is now possible and offers a field of practice previously non-existent for all professional sectors.


The only technical investment will be the purchase of Oculus Quest helmets. No need for wire, computer, dedicated training space, hardware or other accessories. The Proteus platform meets all these needs.

Recent studies (1,2) shown it: subjects who benefited from an interactive training in virtual reality, where it is possible to practice and to repeat actions, had a retention rate much higher than those which followed traditional training. Plus, the savings from our platform such as our encourage in-house training and maximize return on investment.

1. Classrooms and Case Studies: VR in Education: https://youtu.be/ZriN6UCHHwg

2. Designing Research to Measure the Impact of VR: https://youtu.be/By--VToF7lg

Proteus is a qualified Oculus ISV (Independent Software Vendor)