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Virtual reality is a pedagogic tool with infinite power

Since 2014 we develop experiences and custom training to meet your needs. We use the latest technologies available in virtual reality to train your employees and students, the professionals of today and tomorrow. Thanks to our strength of innovation, we are proud to be among the first partners of Oculus for Business (ISV - Oculus Independent Software Vendor), a platform offering personalized customer service and technical support 24/7, guaranteeing you the best support and services and products best suited to our customers.


Thanks to our research laboratory we offer a unique approach to the market


Our VR apps are interactive and benefit from an analytical system allowing real evaluations.

  • We offer multi-person experiences; teacher-student interaction is now possible in virtual reality.

  • Our platform relies on the most faithful reproduction of the real world to promote the transposition of learning in a real work or class environment.

  • The manipulation of the objects by the hands of the participant or via controllers practices muscles memory and increases retention.

  • The platform can be integrated with your IT to send results and set apps settings.

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